Are you ready for real-time visibility into your carrier operations?

PDI can help you get there!

Scale your business and get all the benefits of our planning and dispatch system even if you don’t have your own fleet. PDI Logistics Cloud reduces the friction and frustration that comes when you try to manage internal and external fleets using different tools. With our end-to-end solution built for the fuel supply chain, you get transparency and real-time visibility at every step of the order lifecycle.

End-to-end visibility of the entire lifecycle of a load from inventory management to delivery confirmation


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Carrier Management Simplified
PDI Logistics Solutions

Gain Real-Time Visibility
Gain Real-Time Visibility

Know where your fleet & fuel are at any time. Seamlessly manage your operations and gain end-to-end visibility with a flexible solution that lets you delegate some or all parts of the order lifecycle on a site-by-site basis.

Reduce Friction

Remove barriers between operational groups with a single, connected solution. Provide one version of the truth by giving retailers, wholesalers, and carriers access to the same system and the same data.

Increase Efficiency
Increase Efficiency

Inventory management, forecasting, sourcing, and dispatching in one solution. Pair with our in-truck mobility solution to give drivers an easy and safe way to know tank levels – in real-time – before they get to the site.