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A single high-profile security breach can damage a brand’s great reputation almost overnight. That’s why Häagen-Dazs is prioritizing a new data security initiative that is critical for protecting our brand, our stores, and our customers. But we need your help to take immediate action and secure your store today.

Secure your Store for Just $59.50/ Month

When it comes to security, doing nothing could ultimately cost you much more in the long run. In fact, each security breach or non-compliance fine could be far more expensive than the cost to secure your network in the first place. Did you know:

•At an average $200 cost for each exposed customer record, a 500-record breach could cost you $100,000.

•Fines for PCI non-compliance during a breach can range from $5,000 to $100,000 each month!

To avoid that fate, Häagen-Dazs strongly recommends PDI, a PCI-certified network security vendor, to help you:

•Reduce the burden of PCI compliance

•Lower your exposure to online security threats

•Avoid legal fees, regulatory fines, and lost business

Simplify PCI Compliance

For just $59.50 per month, PDI delivers a fully integrated “network-in-a-box” solution that lessens your PCI burden in both the short and long term. 

Other Benefits

Base Package

Get the PDI for Häagen-Dazs Solution for just $59.50/month.

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Sign up before the end of 2019 to receive FREE professional installation services (a $195 value)!

Expansion Benefits

4G Wireless Failover: $20/month

Protect your business and loyalty applications from downtime with an embedded Verizon 4G wireless failover solution. If your primary Internet connection is not available, payment and loyalty processing can continue uninterrupted (includes 250 MB data plan).

Optional Guest Wi-Fi: $25/month ($15 if you already subscribe to Wireless Private LAN)

Improve your customer experience with Guest Wi-Fi services for secure, “family-friendly” web access (includes a splash page if requested).

Optional Wireless Private LAN: $17.50/month ($7.50 if you already subscribe to Guest Wi-Fi)

Get private wireless LAN services for internal applications and wireless devices to make your business more efficient and secure.


Expertise to Protect Your Business

PDI Managed Security Services provide the tools and expertise to protect your business against advanced cyberthreats—without breaking your budget. Let us worry about your complex IT security challenges so you can focus on your core business.


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